sewing up the economy…

You want to help the economy? No, really…forget waiting for Congress to get over it’s political constipation…support local and emerging businesses. I’d be very surprised if you didn’t know someone was trying to get something really wonderful off the ground. In case you don’t though, I’ll share with you this lovely lady, Alexia Abegg.  She’s not trying to be a millionare, she does not have the cure for cancer (although some might argue that beauty can cure anything…and I’m inclined to agree.)

This is Alexia’s kickstarter page:



She’s got a little sewing store in Nashville. She teaches sewing classes. And she designs patterns, a part of her business which she’d like to develop further and offer to people outside of the Nashville area.

You like sewing? You like stimulating the economy? You like being a part of something beautiful?

Well, here you go. Amazing things like this only happen if we make them happen.

No matter what your political affiliation, all are welcome to help bring more good stuff to a market saturated with awful stuff.

Be a part of the solution.


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