missive: the lie

Dear one,

Do not give in to the lie. You know the one I mean.

It sounds sensible, that lie. It speaks in dulcet tones, just above a whisper most of the time so that you’ll have to lean in close to hear it. You can feel it’s warm, moist breath on your ear, can’t you? The lie seems so simple, so innocent, so pure. It has been around for as long as you can remember. You don’t even know how it all began…or perhaps maybe you have an idea.

The lie is so familiar, like a friend except that this friend has never been true. This friend leaves you hanging, doesn’t answer your calls when things go wrong and fades into shadow when the morning light pours into the room. Each time that lie lets you down you swear you won’t fall for it again. Each time that lie proves false you promise yourself that this is the last time you’ll give in.

Do not give in to the lie.

You have another choice, I promise.

I won’t tell you that turning away from the old, familiar lie will be easy. I am certain it will be difficult because in the moment you will want to believe the lie. You will not want to look for the truth, you will not want to begin to build the new thing that will replace the lie. And the lie will persist, it will pursue you. Don’t worry, friend. It cannot hurt you…so long as you do not give in to it.

Do not give in to the lie.

don’t forget,

-mrs m.


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