When I’m stressed out or keyed up I vacuum. It’s relaxing, it’s my happy place. I don’t know if it’s the whirring hum of the vacuum cleaner or the idea that I am restoring some order to the chaos but I can tell you I come up with most of my best word choices when I’m vacuuming. So I wrote this poem, for our poetry tuesday, while under the influence of the vacuum cleaner. It has nothing to do with vacuuming.

It’s a departure from my other poems and honestly, I think it comes from all the social media political arguments I’ve witnessed lately – this idea that we can hurt each other so easily now, over the interwebs, without ever seeing each other’s faces. It’s disturbing that we can be hateful so easily, so long distance. It bothers me.

Anyway, that’s the backstory…if there’s a backstory.

Hope it conjures something good, true and beautiful in you today-



I should be afraid of you
because you can hurt me
concealed weapon
open carry
doesn’t matter
knife, gun
brick, hammer
truth, lie
doesn’t matter
I should be afraid-
my own
limited arsenal
not enough 
to counter 
your attack,
your retreat
doesn’t matter
both bring injury
near fatal wounding
we should both 
be a little

©ADC 2011

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