missive: to do

Dear one,

You have a list of  “musts.” Every day there is a list- either on paper or in your head of things you must do. We all have that list. It’s not the “get to do” list, it’s the “to do” list. These are things that help keep the well oiled machine of your life well oiled. These are the things that have repercussions if they are left or overlooked. If I asked you to detail your “to do” list I’ll bet you could rattle off a long line of things you must do…today, tomorrow, this week, this month.

How many of those “to do” items feed YOU? Is “getting enough sleep” on this list? “Is drinking enough water?” on this list? What about talking sweetly to yourself? What about offering grace to your own body?

Add these to your list of “musts.” You must take care of yourself. If you do not put these “to do” items on the list then they fall away. The well oiled machine of your life is run on limited natural resources and pretty soon, the pollution from that machine will kill the garden that is YOU.

Fuel your life, friend, with oxygen and water and joy. The best route to this energy source is the care of your body, your heart, your soul, your spirit. This isn’t new information, I know. This is just a loving and firm reminder. Right now, in your head, move yourself UP on the list. It makes a difference.

don’t forget

-mrs m.


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