fotos: family tree…

For our Fotos Friday I’m adding in a little Poetry Tuesday…’cause that’s how I roll sometimes. Keeps you on your toes.

I slept horribly last night. Dave’s been out of town on a trip and every night I get one or two little night visitors. They each have their sleeping “personality.” Chet is long and wiry, easy to move when he encroaches on my side of the bed but encroaching nonetheless. Henry is a rock. There is NO moving Henry. He’s the cement truck parked in the middle of the bed. Miles is the wild man. He is ALL OVER the bed and he shares Henry’s cement truck sensibilities. He’s the perfect storm of bad sleeping buddies. He is the one who inspired the poem I’ll share today, just so you know.

Happy friday. I’m going to take a nap now.



lover, I saw how the sun rose on your face

this morning

as you slept

the taste of the words we made together

still sweet on my tongue

not dampened at all

by the child wedged between us

his midnight visit


his arms and legs branched

across our backs

warm limbs

of this familiar tree

roots deep

in the kicked off sheets

allowing the breeze

which must be

what woke me

©ADC 2011



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