missive: grace

Dear one,

I have something for you, something to put into your pocket and carry around today. It’s grace.

This grace is small and round, a reminder that your soul remembers its maker, a reminder that your maker remembers you, always. This grace is not rough and unwieldy like expectation. It’s not heavy like grief. While it’s not as shiny as hope, it feels just as good against the palm of your hand.

Hold it there a moment. Pay attention to the cool smooth texture, no sharp edges, no strings attached.

Breathing room.



Put this Grace in your pocket and carry it around today. Each time you feel overwhelmed and eager to berate yourself for some old wounding, some sore mistake, some fear of failing, take it out of your pocket. Hold this Grace with gentleness, hold yourself with gentleness. Let your soul remind you of the One who made you and then let the One who made you love you immensely.

much love

-Mrs M.


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