if not for the storm…

It’s no secret, my love of storms. I don’t write about them often but when I do, obviously, I’ll wax metaphorical. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much…I like this one though so I’ll pass it along. That’s the best place for poetry, passing it along.

if not for the storm…

If not for the storm

inside these walls

I would marry

these words-


I’d sing them into me

build them a house

make them breakfast in bed

each morning

take time to brew their tea

in the afternoon

brush free the loose leaves

from the countertop

my hand mixing

with honey spilled


resisting the temptation

to test it’s taste with my tongue


choosing instead to be

overcome by water, warm,  running

rinsing fingers leisurely,

leaning on the sink

deep in thought


until thunder interrupts and

brings to mind

the words waiting-

betrothed to me-


ready to be married

if not for the storm

©adc 2011


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