fotos: sacrifice…

I’ve taken to juicing one meal a day as part of my Advent journey. It’s meant to be a kind of sacrificial act, scaling back during a time of year which preaches consumption.

I’m discovering that it feels less like sacrifice than I had expected. I don’t feel deprived. Instead, taking the time to fuel my body this way, with care and concern, feels like an indulgence. Self care does that to me, unfortunately. Inevitably I start to wonder if I’m doing it wrong rather than trust that taking care of my body is both vital and enjoyable. It’s a knee jerk response I hope to pull out by its roots one day soon.


3 thoughts on “fotos: sacrifice…

    • Yes! Sadly, so many of us (especially women and mothers) don’t take the time to make this discovery and to treat that temple as Holy. Fasting has been a surprising practice…thankful for that!

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