person of the year…

Four years ago I posted a clip from the movie “Network.” I was wallowing in apathy at the time because of the events of the world. I do that. I’ve often thought I belong to a contingency of folks who tend to carry the weight of the world upon our shoulders, whether we want to or not. Sometimes we fall into a pseuo-martyr role, sometimes we suffer quietly to ourselves. We don’t know why we are so sad, so desperate. It happens even when things are going well for us personally. The heavy of the whole planet presses in on us and we feel it. We just do. If we don’t talk about it and talk about it to the right people we run the risk of missing out on some important truth, something that fits for everyone, not just our selves. It’s a redemption of sorts and a word from the collective angst of the world perhaps.

Time Magazine has declared its “Person of the Year” to be “The Protester.”  Over the last few days I’ve seen the jokes and the jibes about this through my Facebook and Twitter channels. I ignore them. I like that The Protester is Person of the Year. I think it’s important. Say what you like about the uprisings around the world, about Occupy Wall Street and the brave folks in Egypt and Libya, they are the hands and feet and voice of the great unrest floating around Plant Earth. I respect these people, all of them, regardless of their country, regardless of their situation. They are the people of the world who feel the great heavy and actually move out of it and into action and that brings me back to this scene from “Network.”

Even if you’ve never seen the film it’s possible this small piece is already embedded in your dna somehow. It’s a brilliant scene and on days like this one, when I’m carrying the big heavy of the world and having trouble putting more than two words together at a time perhaps this is a good place to land…or on second thought,  where we ought to take off. We can be mad as hell and we should be. This place is a mess. What does it look like for us to “not take it anymore” (you know, legally and morally…)


1 thought on “person of the year…

  1. I like Arthur Jensen’s (the evil corporate boss) speech even better, the one where he bullies the mad anchorman into submission shouting at him that “There ARE no governments! There is only MONEY! You have meddled with the forces of nature, Mr. Beals, and YOU…WILL…ATONE!” Great film, and prophetic. It all came true. TV News divisions are now all required to turn profit.

    I agree with TIME’s choice too, and I wrote about it as well.

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