fotos: finishing out 2011…

I took down the tree yesterday and now that corner of the room is empty again. Praise God. While I love the look of a Christmas tree it begins to encroach on my space starved psyche after a couple of weeks. It doesn’t help that no matter what my intention I end up killing it at least a week before Christmas. The other day as I sat on the couch and typed I could hear the needles falling to the floor, like the tree sighing its last and begging for a drink of water.

At any rate, I did take the tree down finally and it opened up the corner of the room again. I manhandled that puppy and got it out the door (many thanks to my teen daughter for her help in the endeavor.) As I searched for a last Foto for our 2011 Friday Fotos I considered posting a pic of the clean, ready, open space but stopped short when I reached this one.

I will live with the clean, ready, open spaces live and in person for quite a length of time now but it felt right to end the year with a reminder of this sweet moment. Something about it brings to my mind this idea that the peace and joy this photo represents lives amid the chaos all the time. It’s a challenge to me not to pack away that peace and joy into a plastic tub somewhere for the other 11 months of the year but to breathe in that pine scented moment, let it live in my lungs and my cells and carry it around with me.

Happy New Year, dear Ones.

-mrs m.


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