pour me out…

This poetry Tuesday finds the fruits of a few weeks of long hand poetry composing. It was a valiant effort sitting at the cold desk, watching the trucks come down the alley outside my window, scrawling on that lined pad. It must have been an old and cheap lined pad because the pages kept falling out after I’d turn a page. Nevertheless, it pulled some poetic things out of me, I think. Most of them are disjointed, some of them are crap, a few of them are dark but not completely crap.

This one I wrote and then took to the computer to chop up and dress for the plate to be served. I don’t usually have trouble titling my poems so it’s weird to me that this one seems to defy any attempt I take to name it.  The best I could come up with was “Seven words for Gluttony” but I couldn’t really explain why I’d call it that if you asked, so…it remains Untitled.


pour me out

when I am too full

of fear and pride

of choice and frailty

pour me out

when I am holding everything inside

life leaking

on sidewalks

on pillows

on staircases

pour me out

when I cannot know

how empty

will be

will feel

will look

until at last

I am no longer


in my own



pour me out

©adc 2012


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