Fotos: Night and Day…

This is a slightly different take on Fotos:Friday.

Today I’ve got two videos, both are politicians, both are singing.

This first one surfaced a while back, while Herman Cain was still a candidate for the Republican presidential ticket. I remember watching it and having some negative feelings about it.  Now, as a point of context, I will tell you that I am a Christian and I love gospel music. When my father in law would break into “I come to the garden alone” with his deep, strong voice in the middle of a family gathering it always took me apart. I was fully convinced of his sincerity. Maybe it’s because I knew him and I knew the way he lived his life. He was a great man. The whole world is poorer for losing him a few years ago.

This video though, I don’t know if it’s because there were already scandals around Mr Cain or because I didn’t care for his political ideas or because I thought he was a little off kilter in general, but I didn’t buy it. I just didn’t buy it. I’m not questioning his faith here, I’m simply saying I was unconvinced of his sincerity in this moment.

Today, I came across another video. This one of President Obama singing one line of an Al Green tune. Now, let’s keep in mind that I admit, I like (most of) President Obama’s political ideas and I like the person he appears to be.

What is the difference? Is it context? Gospel versus R&B? Republican versus Democrat? Christian versus Secular? Who knows. But something is different…something important.


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