the benefits of vegetables….

Whenever I run across a poet I like you know I have to let you know. I’m a poetry propaganda machine. Some people hear the word “poetry” and they think “flowers.”  I hear it and I think “vegetables.”  Vegetables are lovely and beautiful, earthy and nutritious, fuel and fiber. They are good for you.  Not everyone will like every single vegetable out there. Many will like the poems of corn and carrots while some will be inexplicably drawn to beets and brussels sprouts. It’s all good.

That, in short, is why I push poetry on you each and every week. I’ll tell you what I tell my kids, the rule here is you have to at least TRY it. You don’t have to love it, you can even push it under the edges of your plate if it really offends you but you have to give it one bite. That’s my rule..for vegetables AND poetry.

At any rate, serving up a meal from a contemporary poet I just discovered, Charlie O’Hay. He’s all kinda awesome. Savor this poem for a few minutes and you’ll see what I mean. This poem  is easy to love, rich and delicious, chew on this, let it fill you up today.


Some days I am 
the bed. Others,
the drapes. 

On most 
I am the crow,
without host,
thief of light.
Bad luck to some, 
good to others.

But on rare days
I am the light
reaching past
the crow, thru
the drapes
to warm the cold 
cold sheets.

Like everyone
I have 
my moments.

©Charlie O’Hay (used with permission)

You can find more from the poet, Charlie O’Hay here on his site: Pizzas and Cream

Also, buy his book. No, really, buy it. Poets are absolutely undervalued in this day and age. Show the love on



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