fotos: floating…

The John J. Shedd Aquarium might just be my new happy place. When my kids are older I hereby vow that I will go to this place and sit for hours just watching the fish swim and the jellyfish float. It is peaceful, centering, thought-provoking. This friday fotos is all about the floating. Whilst visting the Aquarium with my storm of chaos providers recently I managed to snap this shot of a jellyfish. Sometimes I take photos only so that I can recall later what exactly I did and saw that day. Things are so constantly in motion around here and often I am the one steering the boat, powering the movement.

What I love about the jellyfish is that while they seem as though they are merely being passive,  pushed around the ocean, moving with the current, going with the flow they are also capable of “jet propulsion”  in some species. They are able to enact some force upon their situation when the time is right. Jellyfish are also no pushovers, as anyone who has swum near them will tell you. They are beautiful and mysterious and dangerous as they sweep along with the rhythm of the sea.

I suppose it’s the ability to go with the flow that feels attractive to me as I am dragging boys from the walls of whatever public institution we are inhabiting at the moment. I pine for the days when I’ll be able to only be responsible for my own locomotion, when I can sit and watch and float. For now, I will simply mouth the words, “wait for me, I’ll be back” toward the tank as the current sweeps me away…


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