Kickin up…

For those of you who write to me day after day, week after week and ask about a Mrs Metaphor book (Hi Mom!)  I finally have some good news.  I’m putting together a Kickstarter campaign to fund this long-awaited tome. I am hoping to have it up and running in the next week or two.

A few things about the project:

The book has a working title of “Mrs Metaphor: Reflections from the Glass Factory” and will include some old favorites from the blog as well as new essays.  If you have a favorite piece you’d like to see included then give us a shout in the comments section. Be a participant in the project by voicing your opinion!

I like to think of donating to Kickstarter projects not only as throwing my hard-earned cash at all my talented artist type friends but also as investing in the “pre-release” of their work. By working through Kickstarter you become a patron for the arts! Isn’t that fancy?

Right now, I’m thinking up amazing perks for investing in the book (or buying your pre-release, if you prefer) so if you have a suggestion then I am all ears! (I am already working on that “free donut!” perk.

I’ll post about it here and on Facebook and on Twitter and LinkedIn and Foursquare and Pinterest and every other social media outlet I can find, don’t you worry.

The thing about Kickstarter is that if it does not make its goal then the project won’t be funded so when the time comes I’ll be annoying you more than door to door knife salesmen, more than television pundits and even more than Rebecca Black singing “Friday.”I apologize in advance for that but just know that it will be short-lived. Make your kindly donation to the cause, spread the word, talk it up and let’s make this thing happen!



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