Update #3: Pumped up kicks…

I confess that I don’t actually know what Foster the People are talking about when they say, “all the other kids with their pumped up kicks” in the lyrics to their song. As best I can figure it’s about angst and I get that. I was a young adult once.

I also confess that every time I hear the lyrics all I can think about are the Rockettes…in a kick line.  Of course, now you have THAT image in your head to refer to when you hear the song next time. You’re welcome.

This has nothing to do with a kickstarter update but it’s fun to think about.

Today as I watched Miles on our 2nd story back deck I panicked  a little when he placed his foot on the bottom rail and draped his elbows over the edge of the top rail. The thought that came to me is “I have to trust physics here.” By that, I mean I had to trust that this little boy did not have enough weight in his arms to propel him over the edge while his feet rested on that bottom rail. I had to remind myself that this was not life and death and that while I may find a moment of panic in watching things unfold, that we were both safe and happy and breathing in the warm spring air.

So, all this to say that we have about 20 days left on funding “Reflections from the Glass Factory” and I don’t feel any degree of panic.  I’m trusting physics here.

I so appreciate the early support of this project. It is humbling indeed!  I hope you’ll take a moment in the next few weeks to post on your Facebook wall, to send up a Tweet or an email to get the word out for the book!

The Missives book is now ready to head to the printer and the manuscript for the Mrs Metaphor book is resting comfortably on my hard drive; bones waiting for flesh, flesh waiting for clothing. It’s up to us to sing it into flesh, to wrap it in clothing by getting the funding!

Thank you all so much!


To donate to the Mrs Metaphor book through Kickstarter

please check out our project page here:


Kickstarter is a funding platform for independent projects. Money is raised for a length of time but a project WILL NOT be funded and no money will be collected if the FULL AMOUNT of the goal is not reached!


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