13 days to go on the drive to raise money on Kickstarter and self publish the Mrs Metaphor book…and I’m thinking about my vacuum cleaner.

I have this strong and heavy woven wool rug in my living room and although it is strong and heavy woven it still likes to shed or perhaps it just really likes my vacuum cleaner and wants to show its appreciation whenever I vacuum.

In either case, I’m reminded of my vacuum cleaner because in the rug’s rush to offer up all the fibers it’s not using at the moment sometimes the bottleneck effect pitches up and I have to sit down on the floor and unclog that vacuum cleaner before I can go any further.

One might think at this point that I’m making an analogy between that bottleneck and some far-fetched thought like, “I’m sure you’re all just waiting til the last-minute to toss in a little coin to get this book going” thus creating a funding bottleneck. And one might further think that I’m in effect warning you against waiting til the last-minute to donate but that’s not really where I’m going with this…although it is something to consider, I guess.

Actually the bottleneck I have in mind is more about the process and practice of writing. The phrase I’ve heard over the last few weeks has been “Wow! You are busy!” when I bring up the projects I’m aiming toward. This is true, I am busy and sometimes I have so much on my plate I can’t see straight…the bottleneck effect kicks in and it might be easy to lose focus. Regardless, I’m writing every day and building some beauty around cobwebs and corners and blog posts and poems. It’s all good. I really can’t complain.

Suffice it to say that I will be pounding this here campaign over the social media outlets for the next 13 days and have great hope that this thing will come together in the end.

The truth is I feel thankful, truly and sincerely grateful for a ll of the support I’ve gotten so far. And so I’m living there. Sitting on the floor, cleaning out the bottleneck that a “funding deadline” is bound to bring on and remembering that really, whether we meet the funding goal or not, the success of the Kickstarter Campaign is already evident. I cannot thank you enough for your support!


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