missive: mystic

Dear one,

I see your inner mystic. Do you?

If you close your eyes and place your hand on your chest, fingers near your throat, can you hear that mystic’s heart beating?

If you tune out the noise, the pollution, the chaos, even for a moment, can you hear the voice of that mystic, whispering?

The words are soft and strong. They are eternal and earthy. Every syllable echoing the heart beat. Every heart beat echoing the ancient breath of the world, the breath of the One who made you.

Your Creator placed that inner mystic within you. He placed that sense of something greater, that part of you that can move beyond reason and know that He is.  Be reminded today that you are more than hands and feet, more than dust. Be reminded today that the One who made you whispers always in that mystic’s heart and waits patiently for a response.

I see your inner mystic. Do you?

-mrs m


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