Kickstarter Update: A special thanks…

Dear ones!

As you may know, I write love letters to my readers on Mrs Metaphor, typically on mondays.  I call it Missive Monday.

You can see examples of this here.

After having accumulated quite a lot of these I decided a few months ago that I’d like to edit them, compile them into a group and publish those in a small volume for those of you who felt moved by them in one way or another.

When I took on the Kickstarter funding of the Mrs Metaphor full length book project I decided I’d finish the Missives book and offer that as a reward to backers. Because we’re ending the funding period for the Mrs Metaphor book and the Missives book is essentially finished I thought I’d throw ONE LAST perk out there to people who’d like to donate.

GIVE EVEN JUST $1 and you will get a copy of the Missives ebook whether the Mrs Metaphor project gets funding OR NOT!  So, donate any amount and you’ll get a link to the download of the Missives ebook (due to be finished with formatting and ready in the next couple of weeks.)

This means you cannot lose!  If you donate at any level and the book doesn’t reach it’s funding goal you are still entitled the the Missives e-book.

Please spread the word!!  If we can make the funding goal that will be awesome. If not, at least you still get a copy of the eBook for the Missives.

To contribute to the funding of the Mrs Metaphor: Reflections from the Glass Factory book go to Kickstarter and kick in before APRIL 3RD AT 5PM.

thanks again for all your support!!



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