Yesterday in the car and out of the blue Miles blurted out, “Mom, do you ever worry that Dad is cheating?”

It’s not the first time my 7-year-old has asked about things he really shouldn’t know about. It’s hard to be the youngest of 4 children, especially in our family. I admit I lose track of what they’re running across on television or on the internet from time to time and subjects like this creep up. I’m glad, at least that he is forthright enough to ask me. When these come up I try to take it in stride as it were and just answer the question instead of saying things like, “where did you hear that?” or “why do you ask?”

And so I answered him, “No, buddy. I don’t worry about that. Your dad is a remarkably faithful man. He’s trustworthy and I never worry that he’ll have an interest in another woman. I think we’re pretty solid like that.”

He leaned forward from the back seat and looked at me, incredulous. “What the heck are YOU talking about? Another woman?? Sheesh, I was talking about in games. Do you ever worry that he’ll cheat in games!”

Yeah, whoops.

I shook my head. “No, I trust him in games too. I don’t think he cheats in games.”

He sighed heavily. “Well he cheats when he plays games with me.” Then he was on to yet another topic.

I’m thinking that perhaps I need to start digging instead of downplaying at this point. The lesson here for me I think is employ a small phrase I had forgotten about in all my stress of the day, “what do you mean?

Live and learn.



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