sound and water…

I don’t remember if it was last year at this time or the year before because life is like that…watery and flowing, the occasional boulder jumping out into the stream of things now and then. I do remember that I wrote this because I was in a cranky place…I find that I tend to write poetry most often when I’m in a cranky place, so you know, there’s that.

In any case, here we are, arriving at Advent once again and it seems right to post it again although, I admit I’m not as cranky this year 😉


Advent: sound and water

the season shift
not always conveyed
by weather or intention
I yield then
to other channels-
shopping or television,
blinking lights
adding population
to otherwise bare porches
pulsing noise
into my arms
coursing into my veins
a river I cannot ride
only swim
only drown
until, through the din
of sound and water
it comes-

a small child,
voice cutting through
the low hanging trees
of branches stinging
the singing rocks
the timbre ringing
takes my face
between two soft hands
each time I look away
with tenderness and
firm conviction
look here
see this now

©adc 2010


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