Once again, Ruminate Magazine’s blog has given me some space on their blog, this time to show a piece of my book. I hope you’ll take some time to read my work but I want MORE for you to stroll around their site and even to consider subscribing to their very fine paper publication. It’s a wonderful literary journal and your support means a lot.

If the artist goes too deep, too quickly, the ink is blurred, spreading out and destroying the image over time, fading into some unknown or unintended version of itself. If the artist does not go deep enough the ink will fade and peel off in the healing process, leaving gaps in the image. Over the course of the weeks that follow, the skin will heal; it will take in the ink. The skin will make the ink a part of itself, healed softly with time and care. 

“Inked” is an excerpt from “Nearly Orthodox: On being a modern woman in an ancient tradition” due out from Conciliar Press in Summer 2014.


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