love and marriage…

On marrying into a tradition…

Nearly Orthodox1

I married into this family.

When I first met Orthodoxy I was taken by its beauty, its long tradition, its steadiness. I was taken by its ability to transcend the chaos of my life, of the world, of the pressure that pushed in on me every minute of every day. When I stand in Liturgy I catch glimpses of this- the eternal, the now, the not yet. I love it.

I chose that beauty and I married into the family of Orthodoxy.

My husband asked me to explain how I could enter into a family that would not support the marriages of my gay friends and at first, as I tried to explain it I found I could not articulate exactly what I meant. I reached for an analogy because at first blush it made no sense. Then today, as I sat with my mother in law on the couch…

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