Back in my moody, angst-ridden college days I formed a moody alternative band called Vertigo in Children. We were a kind of glam techno electronica pre-goth deal. Keyboard based, drum machine fueled, with close harmonies, edgy lyrics and subtle guitar we moved to Chicago to greet our destiny only to discover that it takes a whole lot more than destiny to make it in the music biz. In some ways I do still miss writing and performing music but the truth is that even after the band broke up I was never willing to do what it took to become an excellent musician or songwriter. I held on to the arrogance that came with small accolades and youth and didn’t take the next logical steps to become really good at it.

While I regret letting that part of me slip away a little, I don’t pine for those days. It was rough being in a band, feeling as though everything in my future depended on who came to shows and where we could get the cash we needed to record our stuff. We have some reminders of those days, dark pictures and fuzzy recordings. I ran across this one on ReverbNation a few days ago and it brought up all kinds of feelings, happy and sad, which is probably what the song was about all along. So, that fits.

You can hear this moody rumination remix right here…


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