Day One: Beards

Day 1 of 40 days of prompted blogging through the Nativity Fast…

Nearly Orthodox1

It’s not cheating for me to post an excerpt from my book, “Nearly Orthodox” (coming soon from Ancient Faith Publishers!) Ok, it’s a little bit cheating but when I read about the prompt from the Preacher’s Institute for today’s topic it jumped into my brain. So, there’s that.


The first time I rode a two-wheeled bike it was with my older brother J.D. standing behind me, both hands on the back of the wide leather seat, his legs straddling the back wheel to keep it steady. I was nervous. I did not want to fall but more than that I did not want to fail. JD spoke quick directions into my ear, using phrases like, “it’s easy” and “don’t worry” “keep pedaling” and “just go with it.” It was his new Schwinn- racing red and shiny chrome- and my dirty white sneakers barely met the thick black pedals.

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