Day Two: Fasting

Day 2 of 40 days of blogging on my Orthodox blog is about fasting…and ice cream…

Nearly Orthodox1

IMG_0610In the middle of summer there is no better place to be than Margie’s Candies. If you live in Chicago then you may already know this. If you travel to Chicago you should not miss this neighborhood treasure. When we moved back to Chicago from Nashville two years ago it was one of the first places I brought the kids. It was a celebration after a rough road home. The trip to Margie’s was a homecoming but the road there is what brought us closer to each other as a family.

In the summer of 1997 I was pregnant and ready to deliver my first child, my daughter Riley. I thought I’d be “on time” because all pregnant women need to think this. Most of us hope we’ll go earlier than our due date and when it’s late June and one is carrying another 30-35 pounds (or 52 pounds in…

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