Day Eight: Canned Goods

Canned goods and the spiritual life…

Nearly Orthodox1


I have a habit of asking “why.” I’m convinced that a big part of the length of my three years as a Catechumen was due to this habit. It ought to be noted then, that when the prompt for today came down the pike from Fr John Peck at the Preacher’s Institute it was a stretch to not question the thinking there.

Canned goods.

Was it just a whim? Was it something deeper, hidden, divinely inspired? Why canned goods?

It did trigger something in me though. Cranberry sauce.

Honestly, growing up I didn’t realize people even considered eating something other than the jellied version that slid from that aluminum can still wearing the rings modeled by the container that had only recently housed it. We always bought it, uncanned it, sliced it and placed it on the table on Thanksgiving but we rarely ate it. It would spend the next…

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