Day Nine: Sabbath


Nearly Orthodox1


One thing we’re discovering about owning a Leopard Gecko as a pet is that not only do you keep a reptile, you also keep crickets and mealworms. It’s like a whole “circle of life” thing over here. At first, Scully ate small crickets, about the length of my fingernail. They were small, quiet and fast. I’d find escapees randomly hopping along the floor from time to time. Now that he’s older, Scully eats fully grown crickets, these are about the size of a paperclip and though I’ve gotten better at keeping them contained and fed and properly hydrated once in a while I’ll get a batch that chirps.

As I sit here today pondering the idea of Sabbath for the 40 days of blogging I do so with a backdrop of crickets chirping. While the kids are at school the house is quiet now except for the chirping and sometimes…

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