Day Seventeen: Holiday Depression

A humble, rambling offering today…

Nearly Orthodox1


Last night after packing and sorting things in the formerly flooded basement I flung myself on the couch. The idea of dinner loomed in my head and the kids began to make noises about “being bored.” They’ve had the last five days off school and Dave and I spent those days cleaning up the basement to be ready for the rehab to come after that water leak from the refrigerator upstairs destroyed the finished basement. The 2 levels above the basement are now packed out with stuff; boxes, clothing from closets downstairs, videos, trash bags of things that were ruined. The house has a distinctly musty feel, though the dehumidifiers are working overtime down there.

It’ll be okay. It really will. Insurance will cover the rehab. We’ll muddle through in the midst of the holidays. We just have to get past the holidays.

Except that the holidays ought to be…

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