Day Twenty-Five: Snowflake

Chicago snow…

Nearly Orthodox1



The move from Chicago to Nashville in 2005 was an adjustment. The one thing we pined for in the winter was snow. Though middle Tennessee gets thin layers of powdery snow throughout the short winter season it’s nothing like Chicago. When the forecast calls for snow in Tennessee schools close, people panic and grocery stores run out of milk and bread as if milk and bread are the two things anyone really needs when holed up in a snowstorm. Given the number of people I know who are now either lactose or gluten intolerant (or both) these days, it always surprises me that those are the two things people run out to buy in preparation for getting stuck at home.

Personally, I’d stock up on hot buttered rum, chicken soup and old movies starring Audrey Hepburn or Cary Grant but that’s just me.

It could be the many winters…

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