Day Thirty-Four: Log Cabins

Home for the holidays…

Nearly Orthodox1


This is where I’ll be lucky enough to spend the holidays- Lyric Springs in Franklin, TN.

At the height of the housing market back in 2005, we sold our Chicago bungalow and made a move to middle Tennessee. We left the dirty, crowded, noisy city in favor of mild winters and lots of space. Our log home was not quite finished. The builder had started the project years earlier, hoping that he’d be able to capitalize on the beauty of the area, the lore of the neighboring lands and the booming housing market. He owned several hundred acres around that home and envisioned it as an alternative to the suburban oases that were popular in the Franklin area.

Our house was meant to be his but while he was planning his real estate empire he met someone, fell in love and got married. Because she’d been married before and had…

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