My post from last year on this day still holds true….

Nearly Orthodox1

agia theodora vasta

A year ago, give or take a few days, I was welcomed into the Orthodox faith. On that day I took the name of Saint Theodora of Vasta, whose story echoed in me the moment I read it. Theodora came to the aid of her village while it was under attack, she dressed as a man to fight for its survival and became mortally wounded. As she lay dying it was said her final words were, “Let my body become a church, my hair a forest of trees, and my blood a spring to water them.”

After her death the villagers built a chapel on that spot and over the years that followed trees grew up in and through the small building. From the outside, the tops of the trees can be seen even today, but inside the chapel no evidence of roots or limbs can be found. Scans…

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