30 (or 40) days of blogging…again

30 or 40 posts all in a row…coming soon from my Nearly Orthodox blog 🙂

Nearly Orthodox1

2014-BADGESo, last year I threw in with some other Orthodox writer types and wrote every day for 30 (or 40) days during what we call the Nativity Fast in the Orthodox tradition. It was fun, so fun, I’m doing it again this year.

Last year I was scattered and wigged out. This year…well, okay this year I’m scattered and wigged out too. Let’s just admit that “scattered and wigged out” is my standard operating procedure. The minute I make it to “calm and collected” on a regular basis I’ll let you know, or maybe you’ll be the one to let me know. I might be so used to “scattered and wigged out” that the “calm and collected” would throw me into a panic, thus undoing all the hard work of years past.

This is why we need community. Remind me I said this.

That being said, I’ll start writing these…

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