Day 9: Salt

speaking of salt…

Nearly Orthodox1


I could not help but think of Lot’s wife when I heard that our topic for today is “salt.” And then I could not help but think of a poem by an Orthodox poet I like a whole lot. So rather than ramble on about the other things that come to mind- salt and high blood pressure and whether the pink himalayan sea salt I just bought really is some kind of wonder working miracle- I thought I’d just offer up these words for your perusal.

They’re pretty good words, in my humble opinion.

The Turning of Lot’s Wife
Scott Cairns
Genesis 19. 23-26

First of all, she had a name, and she had a history.
She was Marah, and long before the breath of
death’s angel turned her to bitter dust, she had
slipped from her mother’s womb with remarkable
ease, had moved in due time from infancy…

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