Day 10: Building a Fire

On building fires…

Nearly Orthodox1


And now a word from our sponsors…

My husband and I make a business of building little fires with our work. We manage to cobble together a living with small projects and medium-sized projects and corporate gigs here and there. For the last three years while I’ve been working on my book, Nearly Orthodox, my husband Dave has been working on a book of his own.

The Hunting Accident is a graphic novel based on a true story. Dave first got wind of this a number of years ago when a friend told him the story of his father’s life journey one day over lunch. His friend’s father was blind and he had been telling everyone that he was blinded in a Hunting Accident. In reality, he was blinded in a liquor store robbery, in an attempt to get “made” by the mob in the 30’s. He was sent…

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