Day 12: The Spiritual Necessity of Tithing and Alms Giving

Thoughts on spare change…

Nearly Orthodox1

I gave money to the man who appears every day on the expressway off-ramp at Armitage and I-90east. I see him there walking slowly, shuffling really. He smiles a weak and nearly toothless smile, his face brown and rugged like the sign he carries, “Need help. Please.”

Generally I don’t give money to homeless people directly. I was broken of that habit years ago by a man who had no legs but that’s another story. Today, the story is about some shift that happened in me as I sat at the longest red light on the planet. The man on the off ramp is there consistently with his ragged cardboard sign. It’s a simple ask, each and every day. This is his ritual I imagine. Get up, feel the air on the skin, make adjustments as able for the weather, shuffle to the intersection with the longest red light on…

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