Day 13: Gratitude & Day 14: Less is more

You know that pile of Thanksgiving and Gratitude posts people had up yesterday? Here’s another one 🙂

Nearly Orthodox1


Most of the morning yesterday I was roasting vegetables- broccoli, cauliflower, red peppers and carrots. I tossed in a handful of asparagus that was languishing in the fridge all week and an onion close to sprouting, mushrooms left lonely in that vented green box on the top shelf next to the sour cream. Orphan vegetables.

I don’t cook so well. It’s not a lack of practice or know how. I believe it has something to do with intention and focus. I get so easily distracted and maybe a little bored. That’s my confession today. I don’t give cooking the attention it deserves.

But I spent the day roasting the vegetables to bring for Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the only dish I needed to prepare, thankfully, having the rest filled out by friends and family at the gathering we’d attend. It’s nice to be invited, to have a place to go and be…

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