Day 18: Staff

Nearly Orthodox1

For the last few months I’ve been working on a sort of daily Advent devotional for my DoxaSoma folks. I wrote one a few years ago and uploaded that, “The Daily Practice of Prayer” ran just for 30 days and was meant to help people integrate some mindfulness in their fitness practice. Prayer and Practice for people who don’t usually associate those two.

Now, as an Orthodox christian I get prayer and movement all the time. The Orthodox liturgy isn’t a static one. It feels fluid to me, constant and moving. For most christians, though, prayer does feel static and perhaps detached from any physicality. In reality, we’re integrated beings- body, soul and spirit working together, God’s good design shining through. He does nice work.

So for today I though I’d share a DoxaSoma position, actually it’s a pair of positions called “Rod and Staff.” They always work together.


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