Once more on Mother’s Day


I am thankful, finally, as I approach Mother’s Day this year. Generally I’m known for being a little, let us say, cranky, about the holiday that Hallmark made. I have historically set expectations high or set too low or have ruminated too long on the past or the future of this Mother’s Day thing.

This year I’m approaching the struggle from another direction, trying to stay rooted in the present and in gratitude. I think it’s possible I might be maturing but don’t hold me to that.

I’ve been spending some time on a little social media platform called Prose lately. It’s kind of a sweet way to get writing prompts when I need ’em and to see what other people are coming up with out there. I’d say it’s like Twitter for writers. You should check it out. I’m MrsMetaphor over there (and everywhere, really.)

In honor of Mother’s Day I’ll post a short poem I started on Prose one day. Be ye warned, though, it’s so far from my normal curmudgeon-y self where this topic is concerned it’s almost scary.



Pulling Focus

to judge by the images
on television
i might expect
soft focus flowers
long, languishing in white blankets
and clean sheets-
crisp bacon
black coffee
eyes wrinkling at the edges
while smiling

and yet
here we have
sloppy kisses upon waking
a kind of pancake breakfast in bed
glitter doused cards
and syrup spills
i’ll clean up later

if the images on television
are to be believed
i might be led
deep into discontent
deep into disillusionment
deep into doubt
I might forget
to be

thankful for this moment


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