Missives: Time

Dear one,

Time is not your enemy.

Although it feels as though you are pitted against the clock, the calendar, the deadline, the aging and sagging and wrinkling, time is not your enemy.

Time is the blood flowing through your veins, time is the air entering your lungs, time is the water on which you float when things are good and the tears that you cry when things are rough. Time is not your enemy.

What would it look like today to embrace time, to make peace with it, to wrap your arms around yourself and breathe deep, drink deep, think deep?

You have time, so take it, breathe it, drink it.

Make time your own so that the clock becomes a record of movement, the calendar is hope, the deadline is progress, the aging and sagging and wrinkling becomes a testimony of having lived a life- laughing full force, weeping well, loving with all we have and allowing love to greet us in each moment.

Because each moment is noble currency and you are wealthy.

Don’t forget-

Mrs M.


letters to a friend…

The actual paper version of the Missives book is FINALLY done. The eBook is still being formatted and polished up but I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready.

You can get your hands on an actual paper copy of the Missives book, however starting now at Createspace and also on Amazon.com …so, you know, there’s that.

fotos: missives

Your “foto” this friday- the Missives manuscript. I’m expecting a hard copy from the printer today and I’m hoping the eBook version will be ready this week as well.

It was a push to get it out the door but I believe this labor of love will produce a beautiful bouncing book of encouragement and loveliness.

Thank you all for your patience and for your presence.

You are all treasures, sweet and lovely treasures.

Don’t forget.

-mrs m

Kickstarter Update: A special thanks…

Dear ones!

As you may know, I write love letters to my readers on Mrs Metaphor, typically on mondays.  I call it Missive Monday.

You can see examples of this here.

After having accumulated quite a lot of these I decided a few months ago that I’d like to edit them, compile them into a group and publish those in a small volume for those of you who felt moved by them in one way or another.

When I took on the Kickstarter funding of the Mrs Metaphor full length book project I decided I’d finish the Missives book and offer that as a reward to backers. Because we’re ending the funding period for the Mrs Metaphor book and the Missives book is essentially finished I thought I’d throw ONE LAST perk out there to people who’d like to donate.

GIVE EVEN JUST $1 and you will get a copy of the Missives ebook whether the Mrs Metaphor project gets funding OR NOT!  So, donate any amount and you’ll get a link to the download of the Missives ebook (due to be finished with formatting and ready in the next couple of weeks.)

This means you cannot lose!  If you donate at any level and the book doesn’t reach it’s funding goal you are still entitled the the Missives e-book.

Please spread the word!!  If we can make the funding goal that will be awesome. If not, at least you still get a copy of the eBook for the Missives.

To contribute to the funding of the Mrs Metaphor: Reflections from the Glass Factory book go to Kickstarter and kick in before APRIL 3RD AT 5PM.

thanks again for all your support!!


missive: mystic

Dear one,

I see your inner mystic. Do you?

If you close your eyes and place your hand on your chest, fingers near your throat, can you hear that mystic’s heart beating?

If you tune out the noise, the pollution, the chaos, even for a moment, can you hear the voice of that mystic, whispering?

The words are soft and strong. They are eternal and earthy. Every syllable echoing the heart beat. Every heart beat echoing the ancient breath of the world, the breath of the One who made you.

Your Creator placed that inner mystic within you. He placed that sense of something greater, that part of you that can move beyond reason and know that He is.  Be reminded today that you are more than hands and feet, more than dust. Be reminded today that the One who made you whispers always in that mystic’s heart and waits patiently for a response.

I see your inner mystic. Do you?

-mrs m

missive: warm

Dear one

Whenever the weather turns warm I think of you.

I think of the earth inside of you beginning its thaw. Long held beliefs and fears live inside of you. They are like a child who is frightened wrapping her arms tightly to keep safe. When the winter comes, she turns to ice, she turns to stone.

But whenever the weather turns warm I think of you and the earth inside you beginning its thaw.

I imagine that child feeling the wind on her face. It is not the cold chill of winter,  the fiery frost of freezing but rather the air of hope that blows in from somewhere in the deep south, from an island in the ocean that knows nothing of fear.

I imagine the earth inside you letting go, loosening its grip, sinking back into your cells, your skin, your hair and then you are no longer stone, no longer ice. You are rich and clean and waiting for the first signs of life to spring up within you. You are the garden, you are the sapling, you are the leaves unfolding and beckoning the sun.

Whenever the weather turns warm I think of you and I’m reminded of the hope of spring, the hope that life begins again and again no matter how cold the winter.

don’t forget-


Mrs M


missive: gratitude

dear one,

You are no stranger to disappointment. It follows you around sometimes for days, calling you by your first name. It knows every injury you’ve ever gotten, every job you didn’t keep, every friend you lost, every hope dashed. Still, you are willing to take it into your house when it comes around, let it tell the stories of the hardships of the world and feed it all of the food from your table. Some nights if you are not careful you find you are only left with the remains of what was meant to be a feast of joy.

Disappointment cannot be avoided as long as air is breathed and blood is pumped. Disappointment is simply a part of what it means to be alive.

But we cannot live on the left over bread crumbs and bitter wine with disappointment as our only companion. Disappointment has its place, certainly. Unfortunately it cannot fuel us for the path ahead- but gratitude can.

Though it may be hard to muster in desperate times, gratitude can find us when we’re lost. Gratitude can fill us when we’re empty. Gratitude can rouse us for that next hard patch of road ahead. You may be tempted to toss gratitude off the first chance you get because you think it is temporary, because you are afraid to hope, because you cannot trust that you will be alright in the end.

Please, hold on to gratitude.

Call it up when things are desperate, when you are so tired you can’t speak, when you are sure that disappointment is knocking at the front door. Call up gratitude and let it reach deep into your bones and remind you of where your flesh is anchored, where your soul is seated, where your love is located.

You don’t have to turn disappointment away from the table when it shows up uninvited but at least let gratitude sit next to you so that it can refill your plate. Gratitude will not let you go hungry.

don’t forget,

mrs m

Missives: This is your life…

Dear one,

This is your life-

the trials,

the joys,

the late night worry,

the best chocolate dessert you ever tried,

the vacation,

the work day,

the school friends,

the people you hold close when the storm comes,

the losses,

the big wins,

the tears in the dark,

the laughing til you ache,

the sudden realization that you’ll never be this age again,

the sudden realization that when you die the world will continue,

and that you may never know what kind a impact you will have left.

We don’t get to know that.

So today remember that everything you do or  say leaves an imprint, every action speaks into the wide unknown universe, every word leaves a trail of crumbs to the divine. Today, make the smallest effort the breathe that in and be thankful, because this is your life.

Don’t forget.

-mrs m.

missive: to do

Dear one,

You have a list of  “musts.” Every day there is a list- either on paper or in your head of things you must do. We all have that list. It’s not the “get to do” list, it’s the “to do” list. These are things that help keep the well oiled machine of your life well oiled. These are the things that have repercussions if they are left or overlooked. If I asked you to detail your “to do” list I’ll bet you could rattle off a long line of things you must do…today, tomorrow, this week, this month.

How many of those “to do” items feed YOU? Is “getting enough sleep” on this list? “Is drinking enough water?” on this list? What about talking sweetly to yourself? What about offering grace to your own body?

Add these to your list of “musts.” You must take care of yourself. If you do not put these “to do” items on the list then they fall away. The well oiled machine of your life is run on limited natural resources and pretty soon, the pollution from that machine will kill the garden that is YOU.

Fuel your life, friend, with oxygen and water and joy. The best route to this energy source is the care of your body, your heart, your soul, your spirit. This isn’t new information, I know. This is just a loving and firm reminder. Right now, in your head, move yourself UP on the list. It makes a difference.

don’t forget

-mrs m.

missive: the lie

Dear one,

Do not give in to the lie. You know the one I mean.

It sounds sensible, that lie. It speaks in dulcet tones, just above a whisper most of the time so that you’ll have to lean in close to hear it. You can feel it’s warm, moist breath on your ear, can’t you? The lie seems so simple, so innocent, so pure. It has been around for as long as you can remember. You don’t even know how it all began…or perhaps maybe you have an idea.

The lie is so familiar, like a friend except that this friend has never been true. This friend leaves you hanging, doesn’t answer your calls when things go wrong and fades into shadow when the morning light pours into the room. Each time that lie lets you down you swear you won’t fall for it again. Each time that lie proves false you promise yourself that this is the last time you’ll give in.

Do not give in to the lie.

You have another choice, I promise.

I won’t tell you that turning away from the old, familiar lie will be easy. I am certain it will be difficult because in the moment you will want to believe the lie. You will not want to look for the truth, you will not want to begin to build the new thing that will replace the lie. And the lie will persist, it will pursue you. Don’t worry, friend. It cannot hurt you…so long as you do not give in to it.

Do not give in to the lie.

don’t forget,

-mrs m.