missive: here,now

Dear one

Live here, now.

It’s easy to get caught up in what has happened or what might yet happen. It’s easy to escape the now by ducking into the dark spaces of the past, places where safety comes because you’ve been there, done that. Safety comes in those dark spaces because they are enclosed, understood, remembered.

It’s easy to escape the now by reaching forward into the fuzzy ether of the future. Safety comes in those abstract places because anything can happen, because we can imagine ourselves handling new events with superhuman strength and wisdom. The future talk feels like planning ahead, being prepared.

The truth is that the present is all we really can wrap our arms around. The present is here, now. It is messy and hard to discern. It is chaotic, frenetic, continuous. Every moment you can embrace, truly, is here and now.

It’s not a terribly comforting thought when the present moment is filled with storms and swords, I know. What I want most today to tell you is that even in the storm there is a moment to reach out your hands, intertwine arms and greet the good. In the midst of the stress, the change, the fear, the doubt there is always, always, always one moment you may drink in because you are thirsty and because you are in need.

Look for it.

It may be making eye contact for just a second with someone you love, it may be a quiet breath, it may be a color you notice for the first time in a wall of gray, it may be the sweet kiss of a child- fast and fleeting. When you see that chance, that drink of water, take it…feel it….let it in and you’ll find it fills you up for this present moment.

don’t forget-

Mrs M.



Dear one,

We are in a constant state of movement, you know. Things are shifting all the time- The world turns on it’s axis and day flows into night, the earth moves in it’s orbit and Summer slides into Fall. The ground below us teems with life. The air above us vibrates with it’s own electrical charge. We are in a constant state of movement.

Everything changes.

I don’t want you to be afraid of changes, friend. I don’t want you to fear the shifting sand when the wave comes in. Just stand and feel the water on your feet, knowing that you are rooted well, no matter which beach you choose.

I want you to rest in the knowledge that the tide has it’s own rhythm, that the moon has it’s phases, that everything changes because this is the nature of living. Our real  task as humans on this big blue planet is not to steamroll our way into “sameness” but to bend as the wind blows- bend but not break. Our real task is to be a part of the change happening, to embrace with hands open, heart ready, breathing measured…because this is vital.

Everything changes.

The way we greet the change is what defines us.

don’t forget,

-Mrs M.

missive: messenger

Dear one,

Here is some truth- we all need to hear how beautiful we are from time to time.

No matter what comes to us when we look in the bathroom mirror each day, when we spot our reflection in the store window or the still pond near the park, we need to hear about our beauty from eyes outside of our own, from voices outside of our own.

So today I’m telling you how beautiful you are, because you are indeed beautiful.

Your smile, wide and ready

Your heart, open and loving

Your voice, sweet and compelling

Your arms, warm and comforting

You have a beauty intangible and etherial, rich and earthy and real. It shows, friend, in everything you do, believe me.

Today you needed to hear how beautiful you are because we all need to hear it. Locked too long inside of our own minds we begin to doubt, we begin to wander, we begin to worry that our beauty is lost forever…but it isn’t, I promise. This enduring beauty is fused strong in your spiritual dna, it belongs to you because it comes directly from the One who made you. Keep connected to this and you keep connected to the Creator. When He sends a messenger to remind you of that beauty, listen and believe and trust.

don’t forget

-mrs m.

missive: beauty

Dear one,

Do you know how beautiful you are? You are, really and truly, beautiful.

This beauty has little to do with the texture of your hair, with the quality of your complexion or the shape of your body. Every measure of your beauty, your real and true beauty is has it’s roots in the very creation and vibration of the earth.

The beauty you hold comes from the connection between you and the One who made you, did you know? This connection begins as a hum, deep in your chest. When you close your eyes in the quiet of the night you can almost hear it. As you occupy the car in your daily commute you can nearly touch it. When you make room for it as you spot a cardinal outside your window it’s thrumming in you is palpable for that one complete moment.

This is the beauty you hold. This is beauty that you can bathe in, like the tide coming in at the beach, like the rain falling from the sky. This is beauty that exists outside of you- continuous, eternal, available, essential. This is beauty that is embedded in you because you are made from it’s very essence so that no matter how you feel or how you look or what you wear it issues forth from you as the sweet clean scent of the eternal One.

Do you know how truly and deeply beautiful you are? Take this day, this moment, this word…and listen for that hum, that soft still voice that speaks the truth about you, that speaks the words of the One who made you. Take this chance to acknowledge this truth, that you are truly and deeply beautiful.

Don’t forget-

mrs m.

missive: in bloom

Dear one,

Last night I dreamt about the springtime…about newly cut grass and widely blooming flowers. I dreamt about the smell of rain in the air and fresh earth rising up, making way for everything new.

It is springtime. The trees are unrolling their leaves. The skies are remembering themselves now, stretching out as if waking from their long winters nap.

And you are remembering yourself too, you are springtime.

You are remembering the way you laugh, the way you dream while laying in a field of grass. You are remembering what you love and how you move. Each new spring day brings with it a multitude of moments for the clean air to reach into your lungs, for the memory of you to come to the surface, for the breath of life to release you from your long sleep cell.

Today, when you breathe this spring day remember yourself. Wrap your arms around you tightly and draw yourself in….then…open your arms and be the sky stretching…be the birds singing…be the flowers in bloom.

Remember yourself today. You are vital. You are in bloom.

Don’t forget

-mrs m.

missive: belonging…

Dear one,

Two words sum up a great truth I have for you today.

You belong.

There is no requirement for belonging that you have not fulfilled. There is no application you neglected to fill out.

You belong…and nothing can change that, nothing can bar your entry into this belonging, nothing can remove you from the fabric of which we are all knitted. Even after death, every cell, every atom, every ounce of Spirit that dwelt in you will belong still…carried on the wind, nourishing the grass, whispering in the hallway and the echo of the church sanctuary. The memory of you is planted as seeds in the minds and the hearts of everyone who knew you.

Ah but knowing this…brings with it a great responsibility, you see.

What begins as a comfort, knowing that you belong, that you are not alone becomes something other than comfort. There is something very big at stake here, friend. When we engage and when we put ourselves out there in the world…when we open ourselves up to injury, to rejection, to humiliation…belonging becomes downright terrifying. I know, I really do understand this.

As much as we all try to be the loving and welcoming people we hope to be we all fail, we will fail you at one time or another.  Your choice, in the face of this failure, is what you choose to sow…because you belong and nothing can change this.  Your response, your words, your actions…these are all things you will sow in the face of success and in the face of failure, in the face of being failed, being hurt.  This is what we leave behind. This is what remains of us in those we leave behind.

You belong…and what you say and do matters because of this, it matters a great deal.

Every cry for help, every shout in anger, every bit of despair….

Every tear shed in grief, every deep embrace, every trembling fear…

Every moment of joy, every expression of love, every bit of forgiveness…

This is the sum of us, after all.

This is what we leave behind…planted in the minds and the hearts of those we touch in our lives..because we belong, all of us, belong to one another.

And so today I am here to remind you of this great responsibility, this great honor, this great comfort…

You belong.

Let’s live today as if we know this with everything we are…alright?


-yours truly,

mrs m.

missive: courage

Dear one,

You are hiding and yet you are not hidden.

For a long time, you WERE hidden. For a long time you were unseen and it made you feel safe. For a long time perhaps this hiding really did make you safe. There is very little we do without reason. You had a reason to hide.

In your hiding place you felt warm and safe, you felt held. It was dark and quiet. You could be alone. Answer questions only you could ask, hear answers only you could give, listen for the voice of the One who made you…and you did hear His voice, truly you did. You didn’t feel alone in your hiding place but over time,  you did begin feel lonely…and you did begin to feel afraid again.

Over time you began to doubt the questions and doubt the answers and doubt the voice of the One who made you. The dark became confining. The loneliness, suffocating.

It was your heart that gave you away, friend. It crept out first and announced your hiding place. Each beat of your beautiful heart, your lonely heart, your loving heart spoke-





You are still hiding….and yet you are no longer hidden. You are seen. Your heart gave you away. It announces you to each and every passerby who has ears to hear and eyes to see. So today I want most to tell you that you have been discovered.

And that it is time for you to step out into the light of day.

And that the sun will be very bright and you may feel blinded.

And that as soon as you greet the faces there, the people gathered who came to answer the call that your heart offered, you will want to hide again.

And that it will take courage for you to move toward the open places, the lighted places, the questions asked, the answers given.

It will take courage to realize that you are seen,

that you are loved,

that you are worthy,

to know that you no longer need to hide.

It will take courage to come out of hiding.

You have it….believe me.


-mrs m.

missive: shoulder it well…

Dear one,

When you say that you’re “fine” in response to an offer of help I believe you. I believe that you are “fine” and capable and worthy and strong. I believe this. Taking an offer of help doesn’t always need to be an admission of weakness…or even need.

When things are heavy so often we CAN handle it. We DO handle it and we come out the other side “fine.” Tired, beaten down but “fine.”

Lovely friend, when an offer of help is extended I hope that you will take it because the offer exists, because as capable and worthy and strong and as “fine” as you are, we can all use the help. I know you can make it on your own. I know that you are more than ready to handle whatever comes your way. Still, when an offer of help comes I hope you will take it. I hope this because the possibility of you is unknown to you even now. The things you can do and will do are immense. There is so much MORE that will come – more good, more time, more peace, more joy. There is more.  And we see the reality of “more” in those found moments, the moments we would not have had if someone had not made an offer of help, given an opening of time and energy and love…

What it is in your life as you think on it that you insist on carrying alone even though there are hands there ready to help you? I know you can shoulder it alone…but letting others help means you may in fact,  shoulder it well and come out stronger on the other side.

Something to consider today….

-mrs m.

missive: clean

Dear one,

It’s spring, isn’t it? Can you feel the air changing? Can you see the light stretching out through the day, lengthening like arms drawn out wide ready for an embrace?

Spring holds some real comfort, some real promise, some real strength. Everything starts clean in the springtime. No matter what your climate, no matter what your hemisphere, spring begins the season of new, the season of clean, the season of life.

Just as we begin to understand the winter of our selves

our limbs made bare,

ground cold and solid,

skies clear and gray-

the rains come

to wash away the top layer

the dead leaves left to wear themselves away.

The rains come, the sky opens, the lightning strikes the heart

the thunder wakes that hibernating life in us, we’re ready, we’ve been waiting haven’t we?

Everything starts clean in the springtime, friend. It’s time for that new life to awaken in you. You’re ready. You’ve been waiting.

don’t forget

-mrs m.

missive: lonely…

Dear one,

Lonely isn’t being alone. Lonely isn’t a physical state…it’s an emotion, a welcome emotion.

It’s alright to feel lonely.

I know that you don’t want to feel it. I know that you do everything possible to hide from the lonely when it shows up on your doorstep. Today, however I just want to tell you that it’s alright to greet the lonely when it comes to the door.

Lonely is the one presence that reminds you in fact, that you are NOT alone…it’s the reminder that you belong to you, you belong to the One who made you, you belong.

Lonely is the feeling that you greet with a reluctant, awkward side hug

Lonely is the one who asks for a kiss when you don’t feel ready to give it.

Lonely is the start of “I wish I had…” and “I wish I was…”

Lonely could really take you apart, if you let her.


So let her.

Choose your time well. Make it a safe time, a time when you can bleed it out, breathe it in, write it down and cry until the river of you floods. Lonely will not kill you, I promise. Denying her, might.

It’s alright to feel lonely…just know you are not alone.


-mrs m.