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Once in a while a post really sticks to people here at Mrs Metaphor. When that happens I like to be able to give it it’s own room so to speak so’s you can find it easily.  Please speak up if you have a favorite you’d like me to add.


Waiting for the ships to land– arguing politics and religion makes me crazy, especially in an election year, especially on social media

Why I won’t hover – social media is both of these… social and media.

Blessed are the Peacemakers -early post detailing my misplaced attempt at keeping order in the land of chaos…

Enough – in which I talk about loss…a lot of loss…

Go back to Michigan – admitting to my lousy driving…I’m workin on it.

I am – an internet meme that I really liked…try it. 🙂

Why I feel like the (wo)Man from Atlantis – in which I tell you why I feel like the (wo)man from Atlantis

Falling in love with me – what it takes for me to fall in love with me…

The Holy Kiss – considering that I’m now becoming Orthodox and there’s loads o’ kissing in that…this rings prophetic.

So, what do you do? – about answering the question I most detest.

Just Wait – a parenting rant about people who implant fear in young parents.

Someday – probably the precursor to the missives I now write…

Deep calling… prose poem-ish piece about deep calling to deep.

care… about giving to charity and stuff.

haters… God bless the haters.

Serious as a heart attack… about my husband’s heart attack.

Lessons in Gardening… about relationships and killing plants.

Yeah, riiiiiiight – about sarcasm or something.

band-aids using words as band-aids.


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