missive: moments…

Dear one,

Out of 1440 minutes in each day how many moments do you count?

How often do you stop and just drink in one moment. Do you take time to notice the scent in the air? The smile on the face of someone close? The sounds outside your window?

These are moments worth noting, simple things, simple events bringing up complicated and long lasting feelings. Each of these is the echo of eternity, the hum of the earth below your feet, drawing you in, rooting you. Consider that each moment you encounter and drink in is an elixir stored up in you for later giving you peace in the “now” and strength for the “not yet.”

Take the time to recognize these moments…to stand in the sunlight pouring the window as you stand at the sink, the listen to the sound of your children playing in the other room, to stop the busy-ness of your day for a few of your 1440 minutes and just be there, be present, taking an emotional snapshot of a fleeting, seemingly inconsequential moment. It’s important, it’s vital.

don’t forget

-mrs m.