Good Letters: Jars of Clay

I’ve got a post up today on Good Letters, the fine blog offered by that Image Journal magazine I like so much. If you’ve got a moment take time to check it out. In light of the heat the band (and front man, Dan Haseltine in particular) took a few weeks ago over a Twitter discussion on marriage equality I just wanted to check in with my friend, Stephen Mason. He delivers some lovely words and sage thinking. Hope you’ll give it a read! 20130614-jarsofclay-600x-1371228007-300x240


something to think about….

This is downright SCARY…yeah, just WATCH THIS! You WON’T REGRET IT! It’s about time the truth was told. No matter who you are voting for you HAVE to see this.

Here and all this time I thought he was the Joker

(many thanks to that David Dark for putting this up on his blog. This could blow the lid off this election…)