Come to the darkside, we have cookies…

I admit it.  I’ve become addicted to Twilight.  The book series written by Stephanie Meyer centers around an “ordinary” 17 year old girl who falls for a brooding hunky vampire.  At first blush it may seem a plot for a paperback romance but I think what sets this apart is that Stephanie Meyer is a very good writer.  The characters are complex and conflicted, they are three dimensional.  I like that in a story.

But now I’m addicted and I’m not the only one so I’m wondering what that’s all about.  What IS it about the “dark” that draws us in? I suppose this is an age old quandry;  people who profess to follow the light move toward darkness.  I dunno, it’s sexy I guess.  It’s human, it’s imperfect, it’s tremendously flawed…maybe it’s just easier to connect to those traits, to feel comforted somehow by them.  

There is something about it; choosing the burger over the salad, the candy bar over the carrot stick, the beach over the sermon.  Or maybe it’s not only about choosing the things that are bad for me.  I’ve long been a proponent of balance…everything in moderation.  In reality, without the dark then light really ceases to have meaning.  The light is only the light because of the contrasting darkness, yes?

I have no idea where I’m going with this.  I just know that now I really want some cookies.

talk amongst yourselves.