I am…

Writerchick turned me on to this meme and it reminded me of an assignment a friend’s son did for his gradeschool…and I thought it must be a song….

so I decided to do this meme as an exercise…it still may become a song someday but for now it’s just a meme.

I am: in this moment
I think: far too much
I know: there is a God
I have: more than I know
I wish: I could keep my temper
I hate: to be rejected
I miss: old dear friends
I fear: being misunderstood
I hear: more than words
I crave: affirmation
I search: for higher things
I wonder: what I will be when I grow up
I regret: things undone
I love: to open my heart
I ache: to seek God’s face
I am not: afraid of living
I believe: I’m wonderfully made
I dance: to show I’m happy
I sing: to prove I’m here
I cry: with great abandon
I fight: to lift us all up
I win: when love wins
I lose: when I’m unkind
I never: want to give up
I always: speak my mind
I confuse: days of the week
I listen: for what’s unspoken
I can usually be found: around the corner
I am scared: of being found out
I need: to know I’m loved
I am happy: to remember to breathe
I imagine: when I am old



That Writerchick. I like her an awful lot. She has issued a “meme” recently that really did stick in my brain so I thought I would venture out and join the crazy fun. For the most part, “meme” stuff makes me mental these days (although I secretly enjoy them….go figure.)

Anyway, this one is fairly easily and acts as a kind of “self marketing” meme in the process.

Here is the basic layout:

1. Go through past posts and link to five of your favorites, one for each of the following categories:

* Family
* Friends
* Yourself
* Something you love
* Your personal choice

2. Tag five other people to do this meme. Two of them must be people you already know so that you can get to know each other better. That Writerchick is so very wise and cool that I am actually going to copy her and not “tag” anyone. Maybe it will stick in your brain this week and you’ll want to just tag yourself, though huh?

My picks:

Family: What I don’t know is a lot
Friends: Into Africa
Yourself: Falling in love with me
Something I Love: Why don’t you like me?
My Choice: New

Enjoy delving into the archives….