Make your own metaphor: Election time…


Yes you have it.

By now I believe we understand metaphor, yes? I will give an explanation again in case any of you happened to be absent this last 2 years…alrighty then?

To draw a metaphor is to compare two things that are unalike and create a kinship between them. They can tend to be richly visual, maybe even jarring at times. Be sure to avoid using the words “like” and “as” because to do so means you’ve just drawn a simile rather than a metaphor. yes?

Your assignment this week is to make metaphor with an eye toward politics. Be nice. I’d like to hear bi-partisan metaphors please. No mud slinging, no net casting…let us not agitate one another anymore than need be.

This is merely a writing exercise to help you broaden yourself a tad. Don’t use it as an opportunity to hate please.

I’ll start you all off here with one I spoke to my friend Carol about last night:

This election is a war-like reality tv show that I cannot escape. This has been a year of me leaving a warm darkened room and being forced out into a place filled with glaring lights and people shouting on all sides. As much as I WANT to go back into the warm, safe, dark place I cannot. I also cannot seem to talk sense into the shouting people. This is what the election has held for me. And frankly, I’m just plain sick of it all. so there.

Now your turn. Take your time, I’ll wait.