Everything Belongs

Because it’s Sunday and I am a Christian I felt it was a good thing to put some soul stuff out there to you.  Tomorrow, I have something very fun for a post but TODAY…you have to read and just let it sink into your spiritual pores.

This comes from a book I’m reading about contemplative prayer, Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr.

Thus far, it’s my favorite quote and one that reminds me why I am even reading the book.  The focus here is to stay “present” in each moment.  Try it today as you go about your life…it’s harder than it seems but rewarding, I promise:

 “The present moment has no competition; it is not judged in comparison to any other. It has never happened before and will not happen again.”

So when a child pulls on your leg for attention turn and look into his eyes and be fully present.  See his face, every freckle, every feature…hear his words without thinking ahead to what’s for dinner or what tomorrow holds.  Take this moment and be FULLY present to it.