Missives: This is your life…

Dear one,

This is your life-

the trials,

the joys,

the late night worry,

the best chocolate dessert you ever tried,

the vacation,

the work day,

the school friends,

the people you hold close when the storm comes,

the losses,

the big wins,

the tears in the dark,

the laughing til you ache,

the sudden realization that you’ll never be this age again,

the sudden realization that when you die the world will continue,

and that you may never know what kind a impact you will have left.

We don’t get to know that.

So today remember that everything you do or  say leaves an imprint, every action speaks into the wide unknown universe, every word leaves a trail of crumbs to the divine. Today, make the smallest effort the breathe that in and be thankful, because this is your life.

Don’t forget.

-mrs m.